Zabava & Magento 2 programiranje @MM17HR

Zabava & Magento 2 programiranje @MM17HR

In case you’re wondering what the title says, it comprises the 2 most important elements of Croatia’s first Meet Magento event: fun & Magento 2 programming.

In Croatian, of course.

That’s because a little over a week ago we traveled to the beautiful and quiet city of Osijek and had a wonderful time at Croatia’s first Meet Magento community event organized by the awesome team at Inchoo.

You know an event is going to kick ass when right from the start you get good vibes: such a full house at the opening remarks! Over 200 participants from 5 continents were present throughout the 2 day event which focused on tech and business presentations within the Magento ecosystem.

Our colleagues’ impressions after the event:

“Tech talks were really relevant for me”, says Diana, “as they were mainly about Magento 2”.

“I’ve been most impressed by Anna Volkl’s talk on security, along with Talesh’s presentation on OWASP ZAP. Both of them inspired me to focus more on building a security oriented mindset. I’ve also discovered a lot of new tools. I can’t wait to share this knowledge with our teams.” - Diana, senior backend developer

“I was mainly interested in talks related to Magento 2. Magento Architecture - Developers Guide by Max Yekaterynenko was a great one in which he presented some design patterns that the Magento 2 core team is implementing and encouraged us (the community) to use as well. He also highlighted that contribution is important and that we can upvote the GitHub issues that we think are more important.

Another one that I want to mention is Messing Up Dependency Injection by Jisse Reitsma where there were a lot of bad examples of things you should not do.

I can’t wait to use this knowledge in our Magento 2 projects.” - Claudiu, senior backend developer

Andreea, our marketing team lead, was pleasantly surprised to see that great minds think alike as she recalls Tomislav’s talk - “The bumpy road of growing a team”:

“I feel it’s the same in our case and it’s how we’ve been approaching recruiting as well, here at Evozon. I totally agree that growing a team which shares most (if not all) major common values in terms of projects and professionalism has a better long-term outcome. A coherent organizational culture demands shared values and the only way to achieve this is to handpick candidates yourself and not outsource this service to a third party, because let’s be serious: no one knows best what goes on inside your team and what it needs other than someone who spends day in and out working close with them. We’re on the same track when it comes to sharing these core values and our knowledge with possible colleagues too, as we seek to add value and enrich the local community close to us by organizing free PHP pre-employment trainings and workshop style events at local universities.” - Andreea, marketing team lead

#MM17HR was a “tasty appetizer” for us, being the first Meet Magento event we attended this year. Kudos to the organizing team, who really made us feel welcome throughout the entire event, the guided city tour was a nice touch and the party was awesome!

“The atmosphere was really friendly, but that is not news, as the Magento community always gathers a lot of amazing people. I really felt at home and it was great seeing all those familiar faces we’ve befriended at Developer’s Paradise. I’d go back anytime!“ - Diana, senior backend developer

“It was a good opportunity to catch up with other Magento developers, some of which I already met at previous Meet Magento events. We had a lot of fun and I can't wait to come back next year!” - Claudiu, senior backend developer

We’re really looking forward to the next Meet Magento events to meet again with one of the friendliest and worldliest tech communities in Europe.

P.S.: In their own official after event review, Inchooers have been kind enough to include the presentations from the event, check them out here.


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