Upgrade your customers’ search experience with Evozon’s Search Extension

Upgrade your customers’ search experience with Evozon’s Search Extension

As a business owner, you must have realised how crucial the search and navigation functionalities of your online shop are for your conversion rates. These are the primary methods your customers use to reach your products, one of the first steps in converting.

You may also have realised that customers who use the search bar instead of standard navigation to find products have a stronger buying intent and, therefore, an increased likelihood of converting.

This is because, unlike those who are casually browsing, they have a fairly clear idea of what they want and they’re already looking for the best way to get it. There is great business value in being able to give these potential customers what they need, when and how they need it.

To help you with that, we’ve developed a Search Extension for Magento-based stores that’s easy to install and customize according to your specific business needs and goals. By now, it has been extended and successfully adapted for several projects, our clients being very happy with the way it served their needs and purposes.

Evozon’s Search Extension offers you great control over the search logic parameters, flexibility regarding the look and feel of search results and seamless interoperability with enterprise scale search engines, such as Elasticsearch and Apache Solr, with the possibility of switching between them whenever you want.

This extension is beneficial not only to you, but also to your customers, helping them when they are searching for products with Quick Search as well as when using Advanced Search.

Quick Search

The Quick Search box helps customers find products in your catalogue by typing in relevant keywords for what they’re looking for (like a product’s name or phrases that describe it). Within this method especially, our Search Extension facilitates much better results compared to the default Magento search.

One way in which it does this is by handling product names differently than descriptions and large text product attributes. Specifically, it parses names so that any product codes, dimensions or model identifiers are individualized and better matched with a user’s input.

Another way is through Full Text Search with support for multiple languages. 29 to be exact. This is extremely beneficial for large-scale online business, with an international and a linguistically-diverse customer base.

The extension also allows you to define lists of stop words, words you consider irrelevant to the field of your business, and synonyms per language basis. Word stemming, meaning words are matched with respect to their roots, is also configured to offer better matching prospects.

If neither of the languages already supported fit your needs, don’t worry, you can still benefit from all of the features. The extension uses a generic approach for the languages not listed explicitly and does so automatically, with no configuration required.

You can also configure the extension to identify misspelled words and offer suggestions. When a customer makes a spelling mistake, the message “Did you mean:” appears with a link to the suggested product(s).

To further help your customers easily find what they’re looking for, the extension offers autocomplete suggestions for the quick search field. In addition, it displays the number of results for each of these suggestions and sorts them according to that number. You can select from various suggestion algorithms in order to better meet your specific goals.

Besides these, your customers can search in a specific category, through a dropdown either before or after the quick search input that narrows the search scope, and they can even receive suggestions of search strings in the context of a category, with autocomplete showing the list of search scopes.

Advanced Search

This is the process that lets customers search through your catalogue by entering values into a form. Each field in the form corresponds to an attribute from your product catalogue.

We’ve kept the advanced search form that Magento offers, but what happens when you submit it is a totally different story. Your customers will find what they are looking for in less time.

Extra features

By enabling multiple selection through checkboxes in layer navigation, your customers will be able to select multiple values for one filter in layered navigation, for the Multiple Select and Dropdown attributes. After doing so, they will be able to see results that have either one of the selected values for that specific attribute. This feature will make store navigation more flexible and more user-friendly for your customers and will allow you to show them a wider variety of products.

The Sort out of stock products last feature will be visible on the Product Listing page after you use Top Navigation, Breadcrumb Trail, Layered Navigation, Quick Search and Advanced Search. This will help ensure that your customers avoid certain frustrations and that they receive relevant results, which could lead to a conversion.

When you enable Use search results rescoring, the full-text search results will be scored based on a certain phrase match, with the products that have the closest match to that certain phrase appearing higher up in the list. The configurable Weight of your attributes also plays an important role here, a phrase-match being more relevant if it’s with an attribute that has a higher Weight.

In short

Customers have less patience when they’re shopping online, so the ease and speed with which they can find your products, as well as how relevant the results they encounter are, will play a huge role in their levels of satisfaction and probability to convert.

This is where Evozon’s Search Extension comes in. By offering great control and flexibility over the inner working of the search through its many strategically developed features, our extension will upgrade your customers’ search experience and make sure that translates to benefits for your business.


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