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  1. DX: Developer Experience

    DX: Developer Experience

    Read our colleague’s personal experience with Magento development, from the first piece of code he ever wrote to what he believes is the future of eCommerce development.
  2. How to externalize Magento cronjobs to filesystem crontab

    How to externalize Magento cronjobs to filesystem crontab

    When a scheduled task runs and performs processing on large volumes of data, it may consume all the resources available, which will cause the other crons to be ignored by the scheduler or to be declared as ‘missed’ by Magento, resulting in them not being able to run at all. Learn how to deal with this from our colleague's experience.
  3. Magento Price Rounding

    Magento Price Rounding

    In e-commerce applications it is important to know how the prices are computed and what rules you need to apply in order to display the correct price. This article will present the Magento way of solving the round operations on prices and offer a view on the importance of price computations.
  4. Let the PHP Games Begin!

    Let the PHP Games Begin!

    This is a piece of thought that might help other fellow companies explore and use these training periods to make an impact on the organizational culture level.

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