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  1. Magento Price Rounding

    Magento Price Rounding

    In e-commerce applications it is important to know how the prices are computed and what rules you need to apply in order to display the correct price. This article will present the Magento way of solving the round operations on prices and offer a view on the importance of price computations.
  2. OrderEdit for Magento

    OrderEdit for Magento

    Fact: In Magento, an order cannot be edited after the invoice is created. It can only be canceled and then a new order can be created, which is based on that previous order and the new modifications. But, in that case, a new order_id is created. Challenge: Some clients that work with third party ERPs want to keep the order id and just edit that particular order. Read the blog post to make your life just a tad easier!
  3. Beginning unit testing in Magento 1.x

    Beginning unit testing in Magento 1.x

    Get a grip of what Unit Testing with Magento 1.X looks like. There are tons of articles and presentations about unit testing and related methodologies and quite a few good articles on how to do it in PHP. But when it comes to Magento 1.x and unit testing, you usually find yourself frantically searching the Internet for any useful piece of information. Every one of us, Magento developers that do unit test their modules, went through all that at some point and we are sure you agree with us on this one.


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