Speed up your eCommerce Project with Evozon’s Full Page Cache Magento Extension

Speed up your eCommerce Project with Evozon’s Full Page Cache Magento Extension

Speed has always been an issue that stirs up discussions when it comes to Magento-based projects. While Magento represents a widely used eCommerce platform that offers high levels of functionality, scalability and customizability, speed has never been one of its fortes.

However, as speed greatly impacts things like search engine ranking, user experience and conversion rates, developers have always been dedicated to finding solutions that ensure Magento-based projects run fast enough and meet their goals.

Our team has also been hard at work developing a performance-enhancing solution for your online store in the form of an FPC extension for Magento 1x.

Full Page Cache Extension, designed for high traffic and large catalogues, proves itself to be fast and stable under heavy loads, improving not only performance, but also stability, scalability and extensibility. This is largely due to its -

Superior technology and development

The extension uses an industry proven technology stack for speed and performance, being based on Nginx and Lua, and using Redis or Memcached for storing cached content, all of which are mature and extremely fast technologies that make every node scalable and extensible.

By not requiring PHP to fetch and render the once cached content, the extension heavily decreases the load on your server, reducing bandwidth usage, CPU load, memory consumption, database stress, as well as hardware and support costs. And, speaking of what it reduces -

Page load time

As you might have guessed, this extension significantly improves your web page loading time, reducing response time for cached pages to only a few milliseconds. Faster page load time translates to better SEO ranking, better user experience, conversion rates and other advantages for you and your business.

Due to the Warm Up feature, page loading time is also improved during high traffic spikes. This built-in feature can be customized to crawl and load the cache when your website traffic is low and be fully prepared when it’s high.

“Gotta Cache’em all”... or do you?

The extension will cache the most important pages of your Magento web store out of the box. However, you have the ability to add or exclude page types from caching, according to your needs and wishes.

It’s not all about pages though.

Not all content from a page can be cached. Certain parts (like name, cart, wishlist, etc.) can't be cached because the same content can't be delivered to different users. The extension has a "Hole Punching" component that will fetch all those small bits and pieces separately from the server and assemble them for each individual user.

And, because delivering a page from cache but making all the tiny sub-requests isn't good enough, we cache them too. So most of the clients will get their personal content directly from the cache without Magento or PHP being involved.

All required default Magento blocks are already configured as hole punched content, but you can easily add or remove any other blocks as you see fit.

But it’s also not all about caching.

Depending on specific actions, various types of cached content need to be cleared. The extension partially clears cache when a product is edited/ deleted/ disabled, when a product’s status changes to Out of Stock, or when CMS content is edited or deleted, but you can change this by adding or removing rules according to your desired flows.

Support for large-scale businesses

Our easy to extend Full Page Cache extension was designed to accommodate the needs of large, international online businesses, supporting by default all standard Magento features, regardless if it’s a Magento CE or EE project. This includes support of multi-domains, multi-stores, multi-currency, multi-languages and multi-customer groups.

In short…

Speed issues are bound to come up while handling your Magento project, but not with our Full Page Cache extension. Based on an industry proven technology stack for speed and performance, the extension was designed to ensure short page loading times, even in high traffic conditions, all while significantly reducing the load on your server.

Our easy to extend FPC extension is suitable for large-scale businesses and allows you to perform various caching operations according to your specific business needs.


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