Ready, steady… GO! Our PHP pre-employment training starts today!

Ready, steady… GO! Our PHP pre-employment training starts today!

Each year, summer brings along one of our favourite events. Yes, you guessed it! It’s our annual PHP pre-employment training: an intensive course on web programming. And today is day one!

Designed to give a 360° perspective of PHP development processes, the course will cover everything from design principles, best practices, design patterns, environment tools to custom models and custom core functionalities. This year’s squad of trainees will spend 8 weeks learning the basics of PHP and Magento. They will get the chance to apply that knowledge on tech presentations, practice with individual and group assignments, work with Agile methodologies and take part in a wide range of soft-skills training. All in all, a well-rounded experience.

For quite a while now, this annual pre-employment training has established itself as a solid bedrock for young talents to kick start a career in PHP development. It took a lot of time and hard work to reach this point, but we’re confident and happy to be able to deliver a high-end training, and ultimately a worthwhile experience for those eager to learn.

Not only did we involve one of the best technical teams in Transilvania in preparing this course, but we’ve perfected our methods based on past experiences, as well as on the feedback we received. This year’s team of trainers even includes former trainees, who enjoyed the program so much they were eager to join forces and share insights from their perspective.

Over the last 5 months, our colleagues have been putting extra hours to create a strong curricula and useful handbooks which will ensure that all trainees have a common ground at the beginning of the course and a fruitful experience throughout.

We love this project so much that we even developed our own testing application which was used by more than one hundred applicants in the selection phase. This need surfaced because numerous retros revealed that other applications didn’t encompass the technical standard we aimed for and that the classic pen & paper test was obsolete and inefficient. After endless hours of coding at the office, at home, on airplanes or on the road, the end result was a selection tool that works incredibly fast and precise, is highly customizable in terms of technical content (from single and multiple answers questions to graphs and code stack) and can easily be integrated with our recruitment tool.

So, yes, as you can see, we take the pre-employment training pretty seriously: right from the start. We give our best, to make sure we work with the best. And that’s the mindset we cherish and hope to inspire in our trainees as well.

Stay tuned, as we plan to reveal our trainers and trainees thoughts on the matter, so that you too can have a 360° perspective of what we’re all about.


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