PHP pre-employment training

PHP pre-employment training

Join us for a 10 week – full time – journey through PHP, Magento / Symphony.


You’ll be able to kick-start your PHP developer career in less than 3 months, as this pre-employment training will take you from web basics and go through everything there is to know (e.g. design principles, best practices, design patterns, environment tools, custom modules, custom core functionalities etc.).

Joining our PHP team means you’ll be working side by side with experienced developers and experts, in a welcoming environment, where trust and personal development matter.

Oh, did we mention you’ll also get the chance to work on live projects for large international and national customers?

So what are you waiting for?

Submit your application by sending your CV to, having the subject “PHP training”, along with a short description of why you would be interested in training with us.

Deadline: March 6th, 2017

We value technical excellence and quality, so we want to see that you:

  • are able to understand and follow the logic of a given snippet of code;
  • have clear understanding of procedural programming languages statements;
  • have good knowledge of OOP concepts and clear understanding of why we use OOP;
  • have basic knowledge of web & web development (e.g. browser – server interaction, URLs, HTML, forms etc.)
  • have good perception of programming techniques such as recursion, divide et impera, backtracking etc.

And we’ll also appreciate it if you’re a team player with good English skills and your own web hobby project.

Still not convinced you should join the team?

Take a look at what some of our colleagues have to say after being here for quite some time:

“I like that the quality of the code is valued and never compromised. It makes life easier, you come to work without being stressed. At the same time, here you have a lot of support from people with whom you can talk about any problem. It’s a big team and there’s always something to learn.” (Marius, PHP developer)

“The advantage of being here is that you can grow, evolve, and it’s all based on merit. The technical leads in our team are really good at what they do and you learn a lot from them. Investment in the personal development of each person is a fact here in Evozon. Having direct access to this kind of resources is a great plus.” (Emilia, Magento Developer)

“If I’m still here after 4 years, I think it’s great!” (Diana, PHP developer)

We do organize such internships every year, but do you really want to let this opportunity slip past you?

No? Then hurry and send in your application before March 6th. Let’s get your PHP development career started. The sooner, the better.


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