We’re not mentioning this because we want to impress you with random facts, we just want to prove a point: mobiles are huge game changers. And we’re in on this.

Moreover, Google says that 84% of all multi-screen shopping experiences included mobile either as the first or second interaction. Furthermore, 65% of multi-screen consumers report that they started researching for items that they might consider purchasing from a smartphone.

Failing to advertise your products on all marketing channels will give the upper hand to your competition. This is the beauty of eCommerce’s mobility:

the ability to shop everywhere and from any location. Constant connectivity offers you, as a business, more opportunities to get in touch with your customers. Your market is expanding just as fast as smartphone ownership is. You just have to be there to greet it and meet its expectations. We can help you with both.

In the end it’s not just about going mobile, it’s about going mobile the right way. It’s a crucial and constantly increasing trend. Custom built, fast and smart designed mobile experiences will offer your customers something to come back for. Over and over again.