#mm16ro: some afterthoughts

#mm16ro: some afterthoughts

Bringing together the local (Romanian) Magento Community along with Magento Masters and some local eCommerce entrepreneurs, the conference offered a series of valuable experiences and educational talks to people looking into both learning and socializing.

We enjoyed the Magento Masters visit and all the good vibes they spread at the party and during the event. In case you didn’t know, the  Magento Masters concept is a community initiative aiming to elevate the most active community members, recognize their contributions, and empower them to help others learn more about the Magento platform and to succeed in this orange ecosystem. Present at the event were Sander Mangel - FitForMe, Vinai Kopp - Magento Master, Miguel Balparda - Nexcess, Anna Volkl - E-CONOMIX, Marius Strajeru - Arnia Software, Ben Marks - Magento Inc., Kuba Zwolinski - snowdog, David Manners - Sitewards.

The eCommerce Business Panel on the first day of the event was a good opportunity to hear all sides involved in the eCommerce process. Many thanks to all the speakers involved: Ana Sipciu from Google on marketing, Andreea Bejenaru from Evozon as Head of Magento Development, Nadir Leonard Balasel - Deputy Director at Fan Courier on shipping and Sergiu Mircea from Banca Transilvania, who talked about online payments.  

Our two guest speakers Paul Brie and Vlad Tirla also made an impact at this edition. Paul showed us the importance of mobile in a world soon to be dominated by AI and Vlad shared some noteworthy insights on the value of micro-moments when crafting a brand's customer experience.

A truly insightful and touching speech was delivered by Thomas Goletz, the President of the Meet Magento Association, who had the strength to publicly x-ray the failure of Netresearch App Factory AG, a company which was intended to become “the iTunes for Magento”, but which instead only wore finance, motivation and good intentions off of their co-founders. With a remarkable blunt objectivity, Thomas listed all the wrong steps which led to the crash of the company and all the take-aways of this painful experience.

What will be even more appreciated is that Thomas has announced he would include a “failure section” in the Meet Magento event from next year on, driven by the belief that failures are just as valuable as success stories, and sharing the lessons learnt will help others be more aware of risks and prevent them from becoming a reality.

Here are some of the presentations we found most useful from this year’s tech track (many thanks to their authors for sharing the slides of their talks with us):

Our colleague, Dan, shares his insight on Vinai’s presentation:

The presentation I liked the most at Meet Magento Romania 2016 was the one about how to write testable code, by Vinai Kopp. I totally connected with the ideas exposed in his presentation and enjoyed seeing them put in practice throughout the snippets of code that accompanied his talk. For me personally, this was the talk that inspired me and reassured me that the Magento community is going in the right direction.

If you couldn’t make it to this year's edition but want to get a more accurate vibe about what went on, we suggest you search #mm16ro on Twitter and check out a collection of live and post event tweets from companies and individuals all together.

And some closing thoughts: thinking of next year’s edition, we’d like to see more talks and practical hands-on workshops on Magento 2 and we’re looking forward to even more merchants being present at the event to help us better understand their needs and give us more clues towards solving their ecommerce pains.

P.S.: Photos from the official #mm16ro after party are available here in case you were trying to reconstruct the night and your memory on these events is just a tad blurred.

See you next year, #mmro!


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