Magento Developer? We’ll be honest: we need you. But we think you need us too.

Magento Developer? We’ll be honest: we need you. But we think you need us too.

Hi! We’d like to welcome you and other motivated Magento developers into our team to help us develop quality and complex projects.

Despite having one of the biggest Magento teams in the country, we aim to grow even further, to extend our team as well as our portfolio of projects while maintaining the high quality of the code we produce. Hence, we’re looking for skilled Magento developers that would like to join us.

Now, we know:

You see a lot of job ads on a regular basis. Many companies are seeking your talent and are offering you pretty cool sets of benefits. We offer those too.

But there’s a little something more that makes us sure you’ll love working with us:

You’ll be working on challenging Magento projects that will help you further evolve

We have a dedicated Magento team in our PHP department and, as part of that team, you will create clean, high-quality code and tackle highly complex projects for clients all around the world and from various industries.

These enterprise-level projects will challenge you to expand your knowledge and skill set and will ensure you never get bored.

Or feel like you’re stagnating.

And, if something gets a little too difficult, no worries. You’re not alone.

For one thing, you’ll find that management is really good at taking care of our teams by offering trust and support, but also opportunities for professional growth.

For another, you’ll work with some of the most well-prepared architects and developers in the country, whom you can always ask for help, advice or constructive feedback.

As Emilia, one of our Magento Developers, mentioned:

“Technical leads in our team are really good at what they do and you learn a lot from them. Having direct access to this kind of resources is a great plus.”

Which leads us to point number 2:

You’ll be part of an awesome Magento team that gets along and gets things done

Cliche or not, our teams are the greatest asset we have.

And there’s a number of reasons why this is true:

Our teams consist of professionals with high levels of competency and a natural tendency for collaboration.

Knowledge sharing is not limited to your team though, as you can always exchange information with other teams and departments to find the best solution together.

There’s an ideal balance between rules and liberties. We like working in an organized manner (Agile is our close friend), but we’re also cool with you working according to your own schedule as long as you inform the rest of your team and you deliver on time. We’re also cool with you taking a bit more time to solve a problem, if that’s what it takes to ensure quality solutions.

Although we’re passionate about our work, we’re also a friendly crowd that enjoys our open and honest communication, our mutual trust, our games room, Happy Fridays and occasional outings.

As Dana, one of colleagues and Magento Developers, said at one point:

“I really appreciate our team’s transparent communication, people are more relaxed and this makes for a welcoming, productive and challenging atmosphere.”

When you join us, you’ll get a first hand experience of how welcoming we can be.

And also when you join us:

You’ll get a cool set of benefits, of course

Remember we mentioned these in the beginning? Well, here they are:

  • Comprehensive health benefits - formal talk for “you, your spouse and kids will benefit from professional private care”.
  • Bonus vacation days - for your years of experience with and before us. The more, the merrier.
  • Continuous learning culture - from in-house soft skill trainings and micro knowledge sharing meetups to technology based workshops, courses or events.
  • Fun and sports - indoor pool and a gym that you can use anytime you want (including weekends), games room, Happy Fridays and plenty of enjoyable internal events.
  • Relocation package - We’re not limiting ourselves to Cluj, you can ask Lilian, he moved here all the way from Republica Moldova.
  • Other - which we’ll tell you more about when you come visit.

Bottom line - it’s a great working environment.

As one of our backend Magento developers, Diana, summed it up for us:

“If I’m still here after 4 years, I think it’s great.”

So, if you’d like to join our team as a Magento developer, check the Requirements and Responsibilities on the main Evozon website, then get in touch.

Since we value high-quality code and never make compromises in this aspect, please send us your CV along with examples of your code and/or websites you’ve developed at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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