Certified Magento Development

Evozon is part of the Magento collaboration program as a Professional Solution Partner implying that we have Magento Certified developers and we’re highly specialized in offering certified Magento development, design and other related services.

We cover all steps required in creating stable and scalable eCommerce platforms. So far, we developed solutions for retailers in industries such as fashion, IT, electronics, household appliances, beverages, toys and others. We provide our customers with proven technical solutions built to help them grow, sustain profitability and retain customers.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is not optional. We’ll design a suite of tests meant to verify the quality of your website. Here we include: functional testing, performance testing, compatibility testing, security testing, usability and many more. Our eCommerce specialised testers will act as picky customers, needy administrators, busy marketers and try to explore every use case possible (and impossible) recreating paths to see that everything works as designed before going public with your Magento platform.

Magento Performance Audit

Knowing your vulnerabilities is the first step towards a fully functional and successful eShop. We can analyze your current platform and propose new strategies designed to improve your shop’s performance. Usability and technical audits really make the difference when your website needs a boost in performance.

Magento Website Design

Looks matter, we all know that. But they matter most to and for your customers. This is where our inhouse specialised e-commerce designers come in.

Choosing our bespoke design services will not only express your brand’s values more accurately, but will also help you speak directly to your targeted audience. Engaging shopping experiences are fuelled by highly functional and easy to get around websites. By combining industry best practices and user-centered design with your brand’s vision, our designers will create a beautiful look & feel for your eShop.

Great looks and user experience are mandatory for an eShop’s success and we know for a fact that combined together they result in fewer shopping cart abandonments and more sales.

Business Analysis

We’ll analyze your business requirements head to toes and get to really know it inside-out before creating the architecture of your custom-built Magento solution. Business analysis is involved in all steps of the development process. As such, not only do we view it as an ongoing process but we also treat and practice it as a continuous and constant conversation.A truly constructive one.

Trends and markets in eCommerce are changing daily and it’s really important to stay ahead of the curve. This sometimes means doing the opposite of everybody else, doing things better or taking things further. Our BAs also act as consultants helping you dominate the field by providing useful insights and identifying new ways in which your platform can improve.