Farewell trainees, farewell pre-employment training 2019!

Farewell trainees, farewell pre-employment training 2019!

Summer officially ended and alongside it, so did our pre-employment training: a challenging journey into the depths of web programming.

Over the course of 8 weeks, 7 bright young minds were immersed in covering the basics of PHP and Magento. Trainees dealt with everything from design principles, best practices, environment tools, design patterns to custom models and custom core functionalities. The best part was the chance to apply, in two major assignments, everything they’ve picked up from the theoretical presentations. These assignments implied going through the entire life-cycle of a project. A lot of dedication and hard work was required, but the final demos stood as proof that the training was a success. We’re happy to report that the trainees have accomplished everything they’ve set up to and more. Their enthusiasm reminded us all how important it is to never break the loop of learning and improving.

On the trainers side, we’ve noticed a lot of determination and passion. Eager to leverage their own experience in order to bring out the best in their students, they took their time to show that there’s always more than one way to resolve an issue. Seeing the evolution of their students from shy trainees to aspiring PHP developers, it’s safe to say that everyone involved had a rewarding experience.

Congrats and good luck to the entire team! We leave you with the annual unofficial aftermovie and hope you enjoy it!


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