Farewell 2018 PHP Pre-employment Training

Farewell 2018 PHP Pre-employment Training

Ten weeks ago we kick-started our annual pre-employment training, a well-rooted project dedicated to opening the doors to our processes of PHP development. 6 motivated students took part in a highly demanding, but worthwhile ride that led them to understand the basics of PHP and Magento, from a practical perspective.

It asked, of both trainees and trainers alike, a lot of hard work and dedication. As we’re closing in on the last day of the program, we can’t help but reflect on the entire experience. Not everything that counts can be counted, but summing everything up, it’s safe to say we’ve accomplished all that we’ve set up to and more. Much more! And what a great feeling that implies!

Before we bid a nostalgic farewell and run off to enjoy the weekend, we’d like to share some post-training thoughts of those involved.


“I made new friends, I've learnt a lot and I had a great time. Evozon is a great place to evolve, the attitude of the whole company is impressive. It was an honor to be here for 10 weeks and see how things are undergoing ina firm like this one.” Andor

“Every day as an intern has definitely taught me a lot. From teamwork and communication to programming tips and tricks, I've gained more knowledge in these 10 weeks than in most of my life.” Georgiana

“Overall, the internship was a journey, a learning experience meant to bring us from "baby" programmers barely knowing how to walk to aspiring-to-be developers. PHP development proved to be so much more than "web stuff" and it still feels like I have much more to discover. [...] Thank you trainers for every good intention, for every extra line of code written for us, for every extra minute spent at work trying to understand some dumb thing me or any other colleague did. We're simply the 2018 intern generation, trying to fly as we're being nicely kicked out of the nest. Farewell, training room! Look at me, I'm flying!” Rares

“This was one of the most satisfying experiences of my life, thus far. I can say wholeheartedly that I managed to double my knowledge about programming in the past 10 weeks, I made new friends with whom it was an absolute joy to spend my training days; I’ve met amazing people who dedicated most of their summer to see us grow, and who made sure that we would have a great and fun experience, during our time here, at Evozon.” Adam

“This was an amazing experience; I hate that it's coming to an end because I got attached to every person I’ve worked with, especially my teammates. It was one of the best summers of my life and I don't care if I get hired or not, because the memories I’ve made here are worth a lot more to me. I wish everybody the best of luck!” Sergiu


“Following the evolution of our interns over the past few weeks has been a truly delightful and rewarding experience. They've grown immensely, both technically and personally, and I especially appreciate their focus on perfecting their skills and performing as well as possible as opposed to competing with each other. Working with them has been a pleasure and I'm really looking forward to our future collaboration." Andra

“In my opinion, if there's one thing that best describes our program is ... Solid. This year’s hurdles were overcome easily and smoothly. Best internship I've ever attended!” Calin P.

“It’s < ben > quite a ride!” Diana

Wholehearted congrats and many thanks to the entire team! We wish you the best of luck in conquering your next goals! To celebrate this milestone we’ll end this piece with the unofficial aftermovie. Enjoy!


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