Make a career out of making robust, clean coded and complex eCommerce websites with the best team of Magento developers in Transylvania.
  • Passionate people
  • Learning Culture
  • Proficiency
  • Flexibility
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Teaming up with us involves:


Cliche or not, our team is the greatest asset we have. Our clients know this, we know this and you should know this as well. We take great pride in hiring some of the best seniors and architects in the country (and beyond). Technical proficiency is a must, but we also look for that mindset fit that makes collaboration smooth, communication easy and work a fun endeavour, not a chore. We’re a friendly crowd, passionate about our job and we want to keep it this way.

Continuous learning culture

As the saying goes: you live, you learn. And we take this very seriously, from in-house soft skill trainings and micro knowledge sharing meetups to technology based workshops, courses or events we want you to never stop learning. And we’ll help in any way we can.


Maybe you want to enjoy some extra pool time before you tackle today’s tasks, or you need to take your kid to school in the morning. Or perhaps you’re just into hitting that snooze button an extra 3 times in one particular morning. Don’t worry, all is fine as long as you inform your team and you deliver.

Body & Mind benefits

Comprehensive healthcare package for you and your loved ones at a renowned private care facility is nothing new to your ears, but, besides this, we also have an indoor pool and a gym that you can use anytime you want (including weekends). We’re also super bike friendly and we enjoy outdoor relaxation as much as we can. Bonus: you get one extra free day for each year you invest in us.

Fluency in

Magento Enterprise, PHP 5.4+, Zend Framework, Symfony2, Laravel, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Nginx, Solr, ElasticSearch, Redis, Memcached, MySQL, NoSQL, Microsoft Navision 2009, Linux, Selenium, jMeter, jUnit, Jenkins, REST, SOAP, Capistrano, Vagrant.


We’re really good at what we do, and that’s because we don’t settle for anything less. We like quality code, not compromises, working on a higher level instead of just getting the work done. We recruit and rely on bright, goal-driven people with an insatiable hunger for furthering their knowledge and with a passion for pushing the limits of the technologies we work with to provide the best outputs possible. Scary? Not if you like development, the software and the personal kind. Challenging? Maybe. But that’s how we like our projects and that’s ultimately what makes us great.
We’re a bunch of animal lovers, sports fanatics, cinephiles, instrument players, coffee connoisseurs, gadget enthusiasts, NGO supporters, board games aficionados, anime fans and much, much more. Well, at least, some of us are. Far from a homogeneous cluster you can accurately describe in a few paragraphs of web copy, we’re a group of people with various interests, habits and quirks.
But we’re also a welcoming bunch and, once you’ll get to know us, you’ll easily identify comrades and fit right in. We’re pretty different from one another. But there’s one thing we all share and could never do without - we’re good at what we do, we love it and we love getting better and better at it!
Hey, what are we having for Happy Friday tomorrow? Please let it be sushi or mini burgers again COLLECTIVE MINDSET Thursdays around 5 PM
Don't take our word for it. Take theirs.
It is refreshing arriving here each morning to familiar people with whom you can easily laugh, share a cup of coffee, get mindblown by the mix of "paranormal bugs" or maybe quietly fetch some sunshine on the terrace. And we`re growing as proffessionals by doing our job and this unites us more. I really appreciate our teams' transparent communication, the colleagues are more relaxed and this makes for a welcoming, productive and challenging atmosphere.
Dana Magento Developer
I love the fact that I'm surrounded by talented people who inspire me everyday to engage more and become better. The way the technical challenges mix up with the joyful atmosphere and colleagues' constant support represent the perfect recipe for success, here at Evozon.
If I'm still here after almost 5 years then it's OK :)
Diana Magento Back-end Developer
Technical leads in our department are really good at what they do and you can learn a lot from them. And even as a technical lead or team lead, being challenged with something completely new, I find it very important to be surrounded by skilled people with which you can bounce off ideas. Having direct access to this kind of resources is a great plus.
Emilia Diana Magento Developer
Enrolling the team was the greatest thing for my career and an important boost for my social life. Being colleague with high-levelled technical leads and extremely skilled trainers gave me the opportunity to find a huge amount of knowledge and to learn a lot from their wide area of expertise on various technologies. And it’s not all about work – at Evozon I met a lot of funny, cool people and I've made some really good friends. Whether it’s in team-buildings, at a thematic party or at the office, on a regular day, we have a lot of fun together :)
Mihai-Ionut Magento Front-end Developer

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We’re always on the lookout for motivated and capable people who want to work with us
on highly complex and custom projects. If you’re passionate about quality code and solutions,
if you enjoy participating in the development process and actively collaborating
with colleagues to deliver the best possible outputs, then...
It’s you we’re looking for:
Magento Back-End Developer
Magento Back-End Developer
  • Clean Code
  • Quality Standards
  • Critical Thinking
We hope you're a sharp and motivated PHP Developer, who would love to join our team to design, develop, implement, test and support highly scalable, multi-tier web applications.
Magento Front-End Developer
Magento Front-End Developer
  • UI Expertise
  • JavaScript
  • UX Basics
Are you keen on using the latest web technologies and trends in Magento eCommerce projects? Do you have an eye for exceptional design? Good, that means you’re ready to develop greatly polished website interfaces for our clients.
Project Manager
Project Manager
  • Focused Professional
  • Highly Organized
  • Agile
Does being part of a team motivate you to find the best solutions and clearly communicate them? Are you passionate about your work and self-organized? Do you have experience in IT outsourcing projects? We’d like to meet you.

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