Blogging in eCommerce with Evozon’s free Magento Blog Extension

Blogging in eCommerce with Evozon’s free Magento Blog Extension

Should you bother investing in a blog for your eCommerce website? Definitely. And here’s why -

Since you’re reading this right now, you were probably considering blogging and/or getting a blog extension for your online store. Your customers are the same - when they’re thinking about buying something, they will do some research on it.

Sometimes they will just compare prices and look for a better offer, but sometimes they will want to learn more about a product or an industry and, if you’re the one offering that information, you will have more chances of establishing yourself as an expert in the field and as a trustworthy provider.

Now back to you who was considering blogging and may have been looking for a blog extension that accommodates the particularities of your business and offers you a wealth of features. To you we’d like to present our free and user-friendly blog extension, designed to help you make the most out of your blogging experience, without the need for advanced technical knowledge.

Evozon’s Blog Extension is a slick way of promoting products through blog posts, keeping your customers updated and getting their feedback.

What makes it a promising solution for many businesses is its quality open source code, designed to support a wide variety of integrations and allow you to make heavy customizations, such as applying custom layout updates or themes and templates for each article in particular. To change a post’s layout, all you have to do is click on the post, then go to Custom Design.

Below you will learn about a few other features of Evozon’s Blog Extension for Magento, all available through a friendly and familiar UI, that will help you meet your communication goals:

Display Related Products on Post Page

After going through the post, your customers might be more interested than ever in what you have to offer. Why make them search through your website, potentially losing them along the way, instead of presenting your products right when you have their attention on a certain subject?

Your customers should always be able to see the related products for a post because it saves them time and it increases your chances of making a sale. With our Blog extension, you can also set the number of products to be displayed on the posts.

Display Related Posts on Product Page

Maybe visitors on your website aren’t fully convinced to become your customers after going through your product page, maybe they need more information. Displaying relevant blog posts on your product page can help keep those potential customers on your website a little longer and give them that extra nudge to buy your products or convert in any other way.

SEO-Friendly Features

It’s no secret that a blog will improve SEO for your online store by driving more traffic to it, but our Magento blog extension comes with a few extra features, some of them unique in the field, that will contribute to a better SEO ranking for you:

  • URL customization for each particular post - by modifying the URL format, you will automatically trigger the request for a re-indexation;
  • Multi-post with multi-language support for URLs, with manual and automatic re-indexation;
  • Advanced WYSIWYG content editor that lets you specify meta titles, keywords and descriptions for each particular post, category or even the whole blog.

Content Management Features

  • Content Distribution - The MultiStore Post feature allows you to easily add new attributes and extend post functionalities, while the MultiStore RSS feature will facilitate the sharing of your most relevant content or campaigns;
  • Content Scheduling - If you want your posts to be published at a specific time in the future, you can select the “Pending” option in the Status field from your Content tab and set a specific date and time when you want your post to be automatically published;
  • Content Archiving - All posts are archived according to your settings and your customers will have the ability to browse through and filter these older posts by date or tag;
  • Content Restriction - You can apply restrictions to posts, for listing or for view, for targeted customer groups and actions, with the possibility of adding your own customized message. Just click on a post, head over to Post Access Restrictions and set whatever rules are convenient for you;

  • Gallery - A photo gallery helps you make your posts more appealing for your readers and keeps them on your page longer. Within our blog extension, it’s easy for you to add a gallery widget that supports both the slide and thumbnail templates and you can also add multiple galleries to the same post.

Comment Management Features

Evozon’s extension offers blog administrators the possibility to approve, delete or edit comments made by users on blog posts, and also to reply to these comments as an admin. Comments may be automatically approved or set as pending until the blog administrator will publish them.

Users can comment and reply to comments, with registered users being able to see all of their comments, filter them and check their status (pending, approved, removed or spam).

Comments will be kept relevant by the Akismet Spam Checker service, which is available to use if you have an API key and offers you the possibility to automatically send comments to “Spam” if they contain spam words.

In short...

Blogging brings numerous advantages to your eCommerce business. Whether it’s more traffic, a more desirable reputation or more potential conversions, Evozon’s free Blog extension for Magento-based stores is a flexible solution, with a friendly and familiar UI, designed to accommodate the particularities of your business and help you meet your strategic goals.

Our feature-rich extension offers you the possibility of displaying related products on post page, SEO-related support for catering to an international and diverse market, increased control over content and comments, as well as many other capabilities that will enrich your blog experience, both for you and for your customers.


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