And... it’s done! The annual PHP pre-employment training has ended

And... it’s done! The annual PHP pre-employment training has ended

10 weeks after our annual PHP pre-employment training started, it’s now time to draw the line and wish all of our trainees „Good Luck!” in all their future endeavours.

But that’s not all we want to tell them before the training is over:

A huge “Thank You” is in order to Dana, Bianca, Adi, Victor, Mircea, Vlad, Andrei & Cristi for their learning enthusiasm and reminding us what it’s like to see things from a different angle.We’ve learnt a lot from them too.

The training sessions offered them a 360° view of PHP development processes from a practical perspective. The training covered PHP basics in the first 6 weeks and a focus on Magento development in the last 4. Our trainees did not just learn, but also worked with and implemented design patterns, environment tools, custom models, best practices, and custom core functionalities.

As a farewell note from some of our trainees to our trainers, here are a couple of post-training thoughts:

The internship was awesome. It was challenging and complex here and there, but overall I feel that I’ve learned in 10 weeks as much as I would have learnt in one year at school.

It was interesting, fun, interactive, challenging and, most importantly, real. Working on a team project really puts notions in a more tangible context.

What I liked most was the atmosphere, the people and the fact that in these 10 weeks, besides gaining a lot of practical knowledge, we also had our share of fun, going out, teambuilding activities and the possibility to take part in all the events organized: Happy Fridays, Evotalks.

And now for our team of awesome trainers, ladies and gentlemen:

Thank you!

Răzvan, thank you for giving our interns the belief and hope that everything is possible through hard work and determination, even without a technical background.

Dan, thank you for grounding them back in reality and reminding us all that we have a lot of technical notions to learn.  

Călin B. taught our interns that the learning process should never end and that ongoing verification and validation of one’s work is a crucial element of this process.

Călin P. introduced our interns to the notions of deadlines and stress, and taught them that you can sometimes find yourself in certain situations when there’s no one there to explain things to you so you just have to learn them yourself.

Diana showed our interns devotion and passion.

Through lots of implication, availability and hands on practice, Marius managed to teach our interns how to get things done step by step.

Tibi, thank you for calmly explaining and showing that there’s always more than one way to resolve an issue.  

And here are some of our trainers’ thoughts on this experience:

As a first time trainer, I must say it has been a pleasure working with these bright interns. One thing I’ve come to realize after it though, is that I must constantly improve the content of my presentations based on our trainees’ level of experience. I hope we’ve managed to make our interns even more curious about Magento.” - Marius

I feel that we’ve really improved our training methodology on Magento, compared to the last training editions, by focusing more on practical exercises and feedback through code review. I was part of the 4 weeks of Magento training, and this time it really helped that we were 3 trainers as it led to a better organization and a more balanced load for creating and delivering educational content.

Thinking and explaining Magento notions in a simplified manner was a constant challenge, especially in the case of solutions for complicated problems. I had to always leverage the level of experience that the interns are now building with the fact that I’m working with these concepts daily. In some regards it was a return to my early days, in which I had to face a younger version of myself, a sincere introspection in which I exposed all the notion gaps I encountered in my beginnings of working with Magento.

The result was a combination of what I’ve collected as direct feedback and me trying to fix some notions in their minds, which I hope will help them gain more understanding of Magento. Actually, I hope it didn’t just help them, but also me in applying the KISS principle more often. It was refreshing to meet so many awesome people with a mix of interesting personalities that together managed to help each other out and work.” - Diana

We couldn’t have ended the PHP training without making our very own unofficial aftermovie for posterity:

Fun, right?

Our trainings are a good way to work with one of the best technical teams in Transylvania, but they’re not the only option. Reach out to us and we can surely work something out. 


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